UB+ est dérivé du mot « ubiquitous » qui signifie omniprésent, intensifié par le « + », qui symbolise notre désir de vouloir toujours vous présenter de meilleurs produits.


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    This is the best wireless speaker developed by ub+. We have spent over
    a year putting our passion and effort to create the next generation of
    phenomenal wireless audio products.


    The goal in creating Alphorn by  ub+ was to have a beautifully crafted,
    state-of-the-art design while looking, feeling and most importantly,
    sounding spectacular.


    The good balance and symmetrical position of each speaker harmonizes the
    amplitude of the sound. They also greatly reduce sound distortion with
    less unwanted vibration from the cabinet. Through this synchronized
    reflection like a mirror effect through the single resonant channel,
    good sound quality is rendered. The bass is boosted in power and the
    sound is synchronized.

    Four speakers in a symmetrical position, balancing the pressure created
    by the speakers to harmonize the amplitude of sound.


    • Super Bass Improved Orchas™
    • 250 mm diameter dome​
    • Patented case design​
    • aptX Bluetooth wireless technology for CD-like quality sound
    • Pure digital audio transmission and amplification that provides nearly
      lossless delivery to the driver
    • Wireless stereo pairing of two speakers via True Wireless Stereo (TWS)​
    • Power that can be supplied by high capacity battery, ensuring audio
      playback is crystal clear and noise free and can play music with dynamic
      changes with confidence
    • Ability to play music with dynamic changes with confidence
    • Volume reaching up to 93dB​
    • Playback at moderate volume indoors can last up to an incredible 20
      with the built-in battery

    20 HRS


    Watch your favorite movies from morning to night. Or bring our speakers
    to party from night to dawn. Don’t worry about whether the battery will
    hold up, instead worry about whether you will have enough endurance!

    35 Hz


    Who needs a clunky subwoofer when one speaker can already rule them all?
    Our patented housing design allows low frequency sound to pass through
    and provides powerful bass output! Did we mention that each speaker can
    deliver up to 93dB of sound?


    True Wireless System (TWS) is wireless technology that allows two
    speakers to connect, sync, and play audio simultaneously. Stream audio
    from your phone via Bluetooth / NFC and use TWS to double your audio
    output and play in bigger spaces!


    How long does the Eupho S2 battery last?

    Eupho S2 supports up to 20 hours of audio playback. However, it’s
    important to note that actual battery life may vary depending on volume
    level and content.

    How long does it take to fully charge the Eupho S2?

    Between three and six hours.

    What version of Bluetooth does the Eupho S2 work with?

    Eupho S2 works with Bluetooth 5.0.

    What kind of music sounds best with Eupho S2?

    Classical and pop music. Deep serious fathoms. Remarkable clarity and
    definition in vocals or delivers deep bass response and remarkable
    clarity in vocals.

    How to connect two Eupho S2 in TWS mode

    Using the physical buttons to activate TWS: Simultaneously press and
    hold the button and button for three seconds to put the speaker into TWS
    pairing mode. The speaker will play TWS connected sound.

    What is TWS ?

    True Wireless Stereo refers to a technology that allows you to pair two
    UB + speakers via Bluetooth.


    System (4” Bass +1.5” Tweeter) X2​
    Output 22W + 22W​
    Acoustic 79 dB​
    digital amplifier 25 W
    Frequency response 38Hz – 20 kHz
    Impedance 4 ohms​
    battery 11.1V 2200 mah​
    Battery charging voltage 5V USB
    Playback time 20 Hours​
    USB USB type C, Jack 3,5​
    Bluetooth V5.0, BLE, AVRCP V1.6, APTX APTX LL, SBC AAC, 9 dBm​
    Dimensions W248 x D250 x H250​
    Speaker diameter 250 mm
    Weight 2.7 kg
    Table base height 252 mm​
    Height mounted on feet (supplied) 930 mm


    Bluetooth 5


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