UB+ est dérivé du mot « ubiquitous » qui signifie omniprésent, intensifié par le « + », qui symbolise notre désir de vouloir toujours vous présenter de meilleurs produits.


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    It is a Singaporean brand, imported since 2018 in France by MustWorld (Nice, France)

    Eupho S2 supports up to 20 hours of audio playback. However, it's important to note that actual battery life may vary depending on volume level and content.

    Between three and six hours.

    Eupho S2 works with Bluetooth 5.0.

    Classical and pop music. Deep serious fathoms. Remarkable clarity and definition in vocals or delivers deep bass response and remarkable clarity in vocals.

    Using the physical buttons to activate TWS: Press and hold the button and button simultaneously for three seconds to put the speaker into TWS pairing mode. The speaker will play TWS connected sound.

    True Wireless Stereo refers to a technology that allows you to pair two UB + speakers via Bluetooth.

    They are not waterproof

    All speakers have a 2 year warranty.

    Free delivery in France in 3 working days Delivery in Europe for € 24.90 in 5 working days Delivery outside Europe on request at contact@mustworld.com

    Only the E3 has the bluetooth phone call function

    They are compatible with all smartphones / devices with bluetooth or / and type C or Jack output (to mp3 type jack)

    The application is under development

    You can pair up to two speakers at the same time

    You can connect two speakers together via TWS (wireless), to have your music in stereo.

    Between 7 and 30 hours depending on the model and the noise level

    Between 90 and 96 dB depending on the model

    We are continuously working on new models. There was only one model in 2018, and 4 today.

    Updates to the speaker's internal software (firmware) for certain models will be offered via the application. Its updates will improve the quality of the speaker.

    You can connect your UB + speaker to your computer, if it is equipped with bluetooth or by 3.5mm jack cable

    You can connect your UB + speaker to your hi-fi system via bluetooth or via 3.5mm jack cable

    USB charging cable, tripod, table stand, leather handle and speaker

    No, we cannot connect a UB + to a smart connected speaker

    We do not recommend connecting two UB + to your TV, because there is a latency problem between sound and picture. We advise you to connect only one speaker to your TV for a better experience !

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